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Lipsmacking Backpacking

48 49 The dictionary calls a salad a cold mixture of usu. raw vegetables, often with a dressing. With definitions like that, its no wonder that some backpackers salads are simply dull old sliced tomatoes. A better definition would be cold or warm vegetables or fruits, sliced, diced, trimmed, slimmed, mashed, smashed, cored or scored. The only thing is that, as you are not cooking anything you need to make sure you wash all ingredients carefully first. Vegetables, Fruit, Garlic, Citrus, 2 pinches of sugar, Chillies optional, Salt pepper Crush some garlic and squeeze the citrus zest over it and stir in the sugar. If you have chillies, you can add them too chopped up small. Shave the rind off the citrus and cut it into thin, thin matchstick strips and add them to the garlic mix. Next, slice your crunchy or soft vegetables say carrots and courgettes or cucumber into thin, thin matchstick strips. Do the same with some fruit, mango, banana, guava anything. Put everything in a bowl then pour the garlic citrus mix over the top. Season to taste. Crunchy fruit, Crunchy vegetables, Lemon, Salt, Sugar, Oil, Mustard optional, Salt pepper Core and cut the crunchy fruit into slices and squeeze some lemon juice over them. Cut the crunchy vegetables celery, fennel bulb, chicory, radishes etc into thin slices. Mix a bit of oil with salt, sugar, mustard and maybe a bit of something alcoholic if you have it. Dribble this over the fruit and vegetables. Season to taste. Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, Raisins, Citrus, Salt pepper Cut whatever vegetables you have into small chunks grated carrots are the ultimate. Add any leafy things that you might have. Add fruit, chopped nuts and raisins. Squeeze some citrus over the top and season to taste.
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