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Lipsmacking Backpacking

46 47 That means anything green and leafy Boiled greens just taste foul. Dont do it. They can be fried or, in the case of very fine leaved, delicate greens like spinach, dumped in a pot still wet from being rinsed with a lid for a minute or so. Get the greens into equal sized shreds or strips and put them in a pot with a little hot oil at the bottom. Heat them, stirring so that nothing sticks, until they turn deep green thats it. Youll know if youve done them too long as they will taste bitter. You can vary the flavour with salt, or by adding things with strong flavours to the oil use whatever is to hand chopped garlic, ginger, chillies, ground or chopped nuts. They work with a squeeze of citrus on top too. Maize cob, Water, Salt pepper, Buttermargarine optional Put the cleaned, deleaved cob in a pot of cold water if it doesnt fit, chop or break it in half and bring it to the boil for about ten minutes. Take it off the heat and by the time the water is cool it should be ready. Take it out, sprinkle some pepper on and then smear some butter over the top just before you eat it. Maize cob with leaves on Clean the cob but keep on a layer of leaves and place it straight on your grate. Turn occasionally and by the time the leaf has burnt through and the kernels are nice and charred, its ready to eat. Cut one in half, take out the stone if you thread it onto one of your spare skewers, and balance that on a tin can filled with water, it will grow. Plant it and start a little garden and eat them as they are, no salt or pepper delicious. If the avocado is quite hard, you can cut in half and lay it on a hot barbecue, still with its skin on, for a couple of minutes on the flesh side, and then about 5 minutes on the skin side. Add salt and pepper and enjoy it. Avocados, Garlic, Onion, Chillies if they are around, Lemon juice Half the avocado and scoop the insides into a pot, mash them with a fork until smoothish. Finely chop the onion, garlic and chilli and stir them in. Squeeze the lemon juice on the top and stir that in too. Eat straight away it wont keep. The texture of sauces made from avocado lend a creamy, almost mayonnaiselike quality to things. Cut them in half, take out the stone, scoop out the flesh dont forget that you can use the empty skin as a receptacle from which to serve your gourmet style sauce Now you can mix whatever you want with the avocado try anything. Sweetcorn scraped from a cob that you have earlier cooked on the barbecue will give you an exciting texture orange juice and finely sliced orange zest will give you a lighter sauce that goes well with any Staple and is great spooned on fish or chicken mashed beans and lime are just great as well. Its up to you
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