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Lipsmacking Backpacking

38 39 Egg, Water Put the egg in a pot of cold water. Bring it to the boil and cook for around ten minutes from the moment the water boils. Sprinkle salt and pepper before you eat. Egg, Water Bring a pot of water to a gentle simmer. Crack your egg into a bowl, mug or anything except the pot. Tip the egg into the water and dont touch it. Leave it like that for three minutes. If you want a firmer yolk, pop a lid on the pot. Egg, MilkButter, Oilfat Beat some eggs in a bowl together with a splash of milk andor melted butter. Allow two or three per backpacker. Get a pot hot. add some oil, then add the eggs. Stir, and dont stop. This is best done over a low heat, so it your fire is very hot, take the pot off now and again to cool it down. Keep stirring, scraping the bottom, of the pot After about five ten minutes the eggs will be starting to harden. Serve them up asap. Eggs are universally available and versatile too. You are more likely to find a good egg if you follow a couple of tips. Number one, dont buy eggs that are on display in the sun. Number two, only buy eggs that have shells that are all one colour if there are any dark or clear patches on the shell steer clear. If there are hens pecking around and its a busy market, its likely that theyll be fresh. Egg, Water Add the egg to a pot of simmering water slide it in on a spoon rather than plop it in bring the water back to the boil and cover and leave for around three minutes. If the egg cracks it should only do this if youve plopped it in the water or if it has come out of the fridge, not likely add a couple of good pinches of salt to the water. Eggs, OilFat Stir three eggs together with a fork, but dont make them fluffy. Add this to your pot in which the base is covered by sizzling oilfat. Leave it for a minute, then scrape it with a fork so that the uncooked eggs run through to the bottom. When the top is still soft not runny tip it out onto a plate and serve. There are so many varieties of omelette your only limit is your imagination. The only thing to remember is that whatever you put in has to be cooked by the time you eat it. That means roots will need to be precooked, as will meat, fish or onions, garlic, aubergines etc.
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