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Lipsmacking Backpacking

34 35 You know what Im going to say, dont you Cooking meat is easy. The basic idea is, as always, to get some heat inside the meat. You can do this on the barbecue or in the pot. Meat doesnt need much in the way of preparation, just make sure that its clean, and youre all set Meat, Oilfat if needed This is my favourite way to cook meat. Cooking times will vary depending on which type and which cut of meat youre using as well as the thickness of the piece, the heat of the coals and whether you like it welldone, medium, or rare. Turn the meat once or twice during cooking. Use this table as a rough guide Beef Steak Rare 5 mins Medium 8 mins Well Done 12 mins Lamb SteakChops 1015 mins Pork SteakChops 1015 mins Chicken Quarters 3035 mins Boneless Breasts 1015 mins Drumsticks 2530 mins Kebabs are also fun. Dice the meat into pieces about two fingers by two fingers. Thread your meat onto a soaked skewer and cook it for anything from 1015 minutes depending on how hot the fire is and how big the pieces are. Marinating meat is a great thing to do as it helps make it juicier and adds character. I always rely on my backpackers marinade oil, garlic, black pepper. Put the meat in your pot a few hours before cooking time, making sure that it is in a single layer, add the marinade not forgetting to use loads of squashed garlic, and make sure that everything is coated evenly. Turn the meat from time to time. You can add chillies too if you have them. A different alternative is just to use fruit either as a marinade, or just as something serve alongside try kiwi and lamb, orange and chicken, or beef and banana.
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