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Lipsmacking Backpacking

32 33 Lobsters should be dropped head first, alive, into a pot of furiously boiling, salted water with a lid on for about 10 minutes for a lobster that is big enough to feed two people. If youve got a soft spot for our pincered pal, you can make him sleep by covering him in a damp cloth. Drop him into the pot and by the time he wakes up, well, he wont wake up. Once its cooked, let it stand for about five minutes. You need to take out the yucky bits so put your knife just behind its eyes and split the front and then split it open along its entire length. You can now take out the stomach, the gills and the dark vein running down the tail. Fish. Water or Milk or a mix of both Poaching a fish doesnt only mean going and nicking it from a local landowner, its also cooking the fish in water. This can be quite tricky for the backpacker because the water needs to be at a certain temperature not boiling hard but gently, hardly simmering. Its easier to do if you have a portable stove, a large grate with cooler parts or a few extra stones to increase the distance between the pot and the flames. Its worth it too, the end result is very different from fried or barbecued fish, much more soothing and homely. Prepare the fish and bring a pot of water, milk or a mix of both, which can have salt, herbs or strong flavoured vegetables in it if you want to the point where it is simmering and little bubbles are forming on the bottom of the pot and rising the surface. Gently put the fish in and leave it to cook, turning it once only. Cooking time will depend on the fish but it should be about four or five minutes on either side youll know its done when you can slide a piece from the flesh. Take it out carefully and serve. Shellfish here Mussels, Water, White wine optional Clean them very carefully, scraping off all hairy, scary bits so that you are just left with nice clean shells. Discard any that are open. Put them in a pot with an inch of boiling, salted water, cover tightly, leave for about 4 minutes until theyve opened. Discard any that stay closed. You can give them a bit more flavour by frying an onion and some garlic adding a little bit of water then the mussels. White wine is always great, if there is some, pour in a few glugs instead of water. Very very fresh Fish fleshy or shelly, Citrus juice, Salt, Pepper corns if possible Spring onionOniongarlicshallots finely chopped Cut your fish into thin thin slices. Mix the rest of the ingredients together and pour the mixture over the fish and leave for about 45 minutes. Serve up and squeeze some more lemon over the top. Quite often, you come across dried fish. It doesnt taste that great but if you do want to cook it, all you do is soak it for a day, changing the water three or four times to get rid of the saltiness then cook it any manner described above it works well in soup.
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