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30 31 Shellfish, Skewers Dont be surprised when you buy some prawns and they are greyish blue and not pink thats how they come. Clean them thoroughly, cut off the heads if you want, then skewer them and cook on the barbecue for about four minutes, turning regularly. If youve got something big enough not to fall through the grate, say langoustines, put them straight on the grate for 3 minutes either side. If youve got anything bigger like a crab or lobster, its best to boil it see p. 30. Fish, Leaves Sometimes, its fun to stuff a fish or to cook it with things on top. Cooking a stuffed fish straight on the grate is too tricky so the best thing is to steam it. Get some large fresh leaves but dont refuse tin foil if there is some banana leaves work well, as do the leafy bits that are on the edge of maize cobs any leafy fleshy thing will do. Prepare the fish, stuff it with something or just pour or place your mix on top of the fish, dont worry about cutting off the head and tail, and wrap it up in the leaf as tight as you can. Dont wrap it up too much, about two layers of leaf is perfect. Put in your grate or in your grilling unit and leave it for about 20 minutes or so. If your leaves start to really burn away, just move the fish to a cooler part of the fire. If youre not near to leaves, you can add this stuff to the fish once its been cooked on the barbecue. The flavours dont infuse as much, but it will still taste good. Fish, Flour, Water or Milk, Butteroil, Salt pepper, Spices herbs optional Spread some flour plain or cornflour out on a flat surface, and season it with salt and pepper, take your prepared fish which you have wet slightly with milk or some water, and lay one side and then the other on the flour. Tap off any excess flour and sprinkle on any herbs or spices that you might have. Put it in a pot with some already hot butter or oil and fry it until it is golden and the flesh is tender and opaque, this will take about 5 minutes on each side, depending on the fish and the heat from your fire. Dont move the fish too much for the first few minutes or the flour will come off. If youre frying squid, prepare it as above p. 17, follow these same steps but only cook it for thirty seconds. Shellfish, Flour, Oil, Herbs or spices optional Scallops, oysters, get whatever youve got out of it shell by inserting a knife close to the hinge and prising it open. Rinse the flesh, trim off any hard bits and pat them dry. Theyre ready to fry. Put them in a hot oiled pot for one minute, turn them over and cook for another couple of minutes keeping them moving. If you like, you can add something aromatic to the pot or you can lightly dust them in flour to make them a bit crispy. For prawns and the like, these need to be seared. After rinsing them, put them in a pan with some hot oil of fat. No lid. They are done when they turn pink, which is about 6 9 minutes later, depending on size.
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