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Lipsmacking Backpacking

28 29 If the fish has scales youll know because you get left with scales on your hands when you pick it up scrape them off with a knife its best to hold the tail and do it in a downwards motion. Next, with your sharpest knife, make a deep slit in the underside of the fish lengthways from head to tail. Scoop and pull out all the insides with your fingers and discard them. The best thing is to burn them on your fire otherwise theyll attract loads of flies. Cut off any top or side fins and burn them too. Give the inside of the fish a good rinse with some water making sure that the blood and veiny bits are cleaned away, then rinse the outside of the fish too. Its ready to cook. If youve got a thing about bones, you should fillet the fish. To do this, lay it on its side on a stable, flat surface and slice, as close as the backbone as possible, from tail to head. If you havent got a very, very sharp knife then theres no point even trying this. Once youve got the fillet, check for any small bones, carefully pulling out those you come across. If the fish is small, like anchovies say, no knife is needed as you can just pull the head and spine away from the body. Fish, Oil or butter optional I think this is the best way to eat fish. Prepare the fish, then with a sharp knife make three slashes on either side. Run some oil on one side of the fish, or smear it with butter and then put that side on the grate. After some time, turn it over. It will take roughly 15 20 minutes depending on the size of the fish and the heat from your fire. Take it off and its ready to eat. Dont forget the skin, crisp and burnt its the best bit. Fillets can be smeared with oil and cooked for 4 minutes on each side. If its a thin fillet from an oily fish, like mackerel you can thread it onto a skewer, pop a wedge of onion on each end and barbecue them for 10 12 minutes. Squid, Citrus If you can get squid that has already been gutted and cleaned, thats great, if not, then youll have to do it yourself. Take the squid and with a very sharp knife cut open the body and scrape out the guts. Chop off the eyes and mouth but leave the tentacles together in their bunch. Lay the body out flat and using a knife make criss cross incisions all over the body. Rinse it well and put it on the grate and press it down. Turn it over once. It is ready in 1 or 2 minutes as soon as it starts to curl up. If there are baby squid around, you can chop off the head and tentacles, clean it out and then stuff the body with anything you like cooked rice with vegetables or fruit say and using a thin clean twig, fasten the top shut and then put it on the grate for four minutes or so, turning regularly. Give it a good squeeze of citrus, anything lemon, lime, grapefruit, and eat it while its piping hot. Dont worry if the squid is chewy, its supposed to be.
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