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Lipsmacking Backpacking

20 21 Onion, Rice, OilMargarineButterFat, Water stock cubestock you need about twice as much water as rice, Optional Extras perhaps some meat or other veg or nuts Cut the onion and chopped meat if youre using it into smallish pieces. Put in the pan with oil sear them until everything is golden. This will take about 5 to 7 minutes. Add the dry rice and stir it all around for a further 2 minutes or so then add about a third of the water. Keep stirring so that nothing sticks to the pan. When the rice has absorbed the water, add the next third. When its absorbed this, it will be almost done. Add more liquid dont use it all if you dont have to. Stir it all in, taste the rice to make sure its to your liking, and then take it off the heat and cover it until you want to eat it. Season with salt and pepper. You can replace the last third of water with white or red wine if theres some around. Ideally, youd add some grated cheese just before serving. If you want to replace the meat with seafood or fish, that should be cooked first. All you then need to do is warm it up by adding it at the last stage. To cook seafood and fish see p. 24 to p. 31. Recommended variations include adding pork and cooked lentils and peppers saffron, white wine and parsley chicken and mushroom seafood and chilli beans and herbs orange, nuts and raisins add the juice of a couple of oranges at almost the very end. Bulghur is cracked wheat grain and has a special nutty taste. Its so simple to use, all you do is cover it in cold water and leave it for about 15 minutes. Give it a squeeze and it is ready to use. It works very well as part of a salad say tomatoes, onions and lemon juice. Basmati or other longgrained rice, Water, Salt, Oil Put the rice you want to eat into something like a mug or a bowl. Make a mental note of the level that it reaches. Put the rice in your pot and then in the same mug or bowl as you measured the rice, measure one and a half times the amount of water. Keep the water to the side. Fry the grains for about a minute, then add the water to your pot.. Put the lid on and bring the water to the boil. You need to let it bubble gently for about 1520 minutes. If youre cooking on a stove, turn down the heat, otherwise move the pot to a cooler part of your grate, but if you cant change the heat dont worry too much. The steam should be sneaking out from under the lid. Keep the lid on, and resisting the temptation to peek you need the steam for the fluffiness leave it to one side, off the heat, for 510 minutes. Give the rice a quick stir and its ready. If you cant get Basmati or other thingrained rice, youll need to fry the rice for a bit longer first to stop it from sticking to its nextdoor neighbour. Two minutes of quick frying with a little bit of oil or fat is enough. If you find that its a bit too sticky, next time you make it, during those last 5 minutes shake it about, and run a fork through it a few times this will help it dry evenly.
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