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Lipsmacking Backpacking

16 17 Although they may look simply like unripe bananas, green bananas, plantain or matoke, as they are variously known, are floury, very filling and when cooked have a wonderful aroma. There are a number of different varieties which vary from country to country and region to region. They are well worth trying. The principle for cooking is the usual one water and heat must be absorbed. You should allow two or three bananas per person, depending on their size thats the size of the banana and the size of the person. There are not many hints to serving banana, it is all pretty simple serve it to the side either boiled, mashed or fried, or as a base onto which your pour your sauce, or on a kebab. For a special occasion you could cook the banana whole and then serve up two of them side by side on a washed banana leaf. Next you can arrange some salad between the two bananas and then place a piece of meat or some nuts on the top. Finish it off by placing a segment of citrus fruit on the top. The other hint is on what to do with the black, gummy residue that you always get on your hands when you peel them. You can reduce it by carefully washing the banana with its skin still on. Next, change the water and peel the banana while it is still submerged. Rinse your knife often. A short cut to getting the residue off your hands is to dab the affected spots with paraffin. Of course, youve got to make sure that you clean your hands again before cooking anything else Banana, Water, Salt pepper Wash the outside of the banana, cut off the ends and cut into two pieces at the middle. Run a slit along one side and put in a pot of boiling water for about 20 minutes. Slip the skin off, season with salt and pepper and serve. They can, once bananas are cooked, also be smashed to make a nice mash. This mash can either be eaten straight or fried, either on its own, or with some onions or garlic for about five minutes to give it a nice gentle browning and a deeper flavour. If you were at home you might also add some balsamic vinegar and parmesan ah, the sweet dreams of the hungry backpacker Banana, OilFatButterMargarine, Spices optional Peel the banana with a sharp knife and chop it into thin slices about the width of a 2 euro coin, or narrower. Put them in a pot with hot oil and shallow fry for about seven minutes or until golden. You can add spices to the oil if youve got any and are up for it. Banana, Salt pepper Put the banana on your grate, or in the fire itself for about 40 minutes or until the outside is totally black and you can feel that the middle is soft. Carefully take it out, cut it open and scoop out the middle. Season with salt and pepper.
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