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Lipsmacking Backpacking

10 11 So, weve got our kit, weve got our techniques lets get cooking. But where to start Theres an almost infinite number of ingredients out there and what if you cant get a particular kind of food in the place you are travelling to I take solace in the words of those wise rappers who say Break it down Just as theres only a few cooking methods, theres really only a few basic types of food. When I backpack I think in terms of four food types staples meat fish vegetables and fruits. Staples is a catchall term to describe all starchy foods. Heavy and full of carbohydrate, they really fill you up and give you energy. Staples include everything in the root family potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yams, turnips, swede etc. bananas all pulses all rice wheat and corn based food such as Polenta, UgaliPosho cous cous. A staple will probably be present in every meal you make, either on the side or mixed in with other ingredients. By meat and fish I mean beef, pork, lamb, chicken, etc., plus all fish and shellfish. I think we all know what vegetables and fruits are. What noone ever told me was that you can use the same techniques to cook almost all similar types of food. What works for a potato will also work for yams, plantain or turnips. Ditto for lamb or beef, cod or Nile perch and ditto for onions, leek or fennel. The rest of this book is arranged into sections. Follow the techniques and apply them to whatever you find in your local market wherever you happen to be in the world. Nothing stands between you and a feast. Your imagination and your preference are the limits. Just have a go there are basically four types of food
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