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Lipsmacking Backpacking

4 5 Basically, all you need is an excellent knife, a pot or two and something to cook on. The pot is central to cooking. You can use it for everything even to eat from. There are two main options buy it out there or bring it out with you. You will find that they will be cheaper abroad, although in some countries only light moulded aluminium pans tend to be readily available. There is a direct relation between the weight of a pan and how good it is damn. A light pan will bend and buckle from heat and general wear and tear. Once that flatness has gone, the heat will no longer be uniformly distributed and food will burn in places when you fry, and things will start sticking to the bottom more easily. Best advice is to see whats available in your local supermarket and camping shop the longer youre staying for, and the more youre going to be roughing it, the heavier the pots should be. The pot should have a lid, but if you want to keep weight to a minimum, use a metal plate. As well as being a useful plate, these also make great wafters, fans that you can use for turning fledgling fires into raging infernos. Some pots have nifty handles, which are useful for attaching the pot to your bag and during cooking. As far as the second, sauce etc., pot is concerned, save space by buying one that fits inside the first. A Swiss Army knife, Leatherman or other good quality pocketknife is essential. Experience taught me that scrimping on this is a false economy. You dont need to buy something with a whole armoury built in, a sharp knife or two, a bottle or can opener and maybe some scissors is sufficient. A big knife can also be good for things like chopping up fresh coconuts or hacking wood, but unless you want to spend ages in the airport security room and customs, buy that when youre out there. As far as other things are concerned, its really up to you and how light you want to travel. A general kit list might include a fork and spoon a big metal cup a metal plate but if your pot has a lid bring a plastic plate or bowl as theyre lighter pan scourers for cleaning stock cubes or dry garlic powder.. For barbecue cooking, youll need a metal grate, or chicken wire. Invariably, these things just tend to be lying around, especially at beaches, all over the world. If, amazingly, there is nothing or youre making kebabs you will need skewers. You can make your own from a branch, but take care that the tree is not poisonous, that youre not damaging the tree, disturbing wildlife or the trees owner. Take off any side shoots and remove the bark. Using your knife, make a point at one end and you have a skewer. Soak it in water for an hour or so before you use it to prevent it burning.
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