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Lipsmacking Backpacking

2 3 I put these questions to the back of my mind, put my peanut butter sandwich down, and watched as he washed the prawns, put them on the fire and, in no time at all, right in front of my eyes, these intimidating, grey little crustaceans had turned into juicy, tender pink delicacies. Having spent the past 20 minutes watching in rapt attention, I found myself invited to lunch, and what a lunch it was the best meal of my travels up to that point When I got back to the village where I was living, I was determined to put this new philosophy into practice. I mucked around a bit. I had a few stonking successes like curried browned matoke with fried chicken and an equal number of hideous disasters boiled cabbage soup dont remind me, but mainly everything worked out pretty well. I felt liberated by the idea that I was in control of what I was cooking, and I had loads of fun. The idea for this book came as I was scanning the shelves in my local bookstore, trying to find a cookbook to take out on my next trip so that I could broaden my culinary horizons. But nothing was right. It was all just recipes recipes recipes. I dont have anything against that in itself if youre at home, with supermarkets all around, its easy to check a cookbook, decide what to cook and then go and find all the ingredients. But when youre backpacking, it doesnt work like that. Trying to follow a recipe off the beaten track is like trying to tell a story backwards. We cant decide what recipe to follow first because probably some, most or all of the ingredients wont be available. The backpackers story begins with the ingredients we see whats on offer, see how to cook it, put it all together and voila, there is our meal. So this book is designed to help you deal with whatever a market might throw at you. I hope that you find it helpful and fun. Just a quick concluding word on safety for you and for the environment. Cooking on an open fire is a lot of fun, but it can have grave consequences if it starts a bushfire. Take all proper precautions. Also, be thoughtful when youre collecting firewood. Deforestation is a major issue all over the world, so always get wood from a sustainable source. Of course, always make sure that the food is safe to eat, and take care of yourself and your surroundings when cooking on an open fire. So, pack your rucksack, get excited, go off the beaten track, take chances, and cook
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