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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

50 51 vIscous mAculAe release patterns It seems appropriate to end this survey of li with a category that can easily be investigated by the readers themselves, with a minimum of equipment. The designs opposite and below were formed simply by prising apart two small sheets of glass with ink spread between them. The resultant configurations, essentially extended blots, are often surprisingly intricate. Evocative of forms as diverse as marine vegetation or flames, they are a perfect demonstration of the sort of complexity that can arise from the most basic of initial conditions. That complexity can arise almost of itself, and that there is a connectedness between every part of the selfcreated cosmos is, of course, a central tenet of the Chinese philosophy of Taoism. The Tao te Ching, its principle text, affirms this The Way Tao is a thing incommensurable, impalpable, Yet latent in it are forms Li.
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