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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

48 49 vermIculAte wormlike arrangments All of these intriguing figures, found among a range of quite different processes, arise essentially from the interplay of mutually repellant domains. These forms are of great interest to physicists because of their relation to turbulence, a common condition, but one whose inner nature is one of the great remaining mysteries of physical science. They are some of the most dynamic of all li, often appearing fleetingly and undergoing constant and rapid change. When fluid is vigorously heated, for instance, many small spirals appear which mingle and react with each other to form a spiral defect chaos opposite top left. A similar effect occurs as a result of the interaction of magnetocrystalline energies on a garnet film, socalled magnetic domain patterns below and opposite top right. In an entirely different setting, a whole range of serpentine blobs known as Langmuir films can appear when surfactant films are compressed on a water surface opposite bottom left.
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