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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

46 47 vAsculum leaf vascular patterns Leaves of all kinds are involved in the worlds single most important chemical transaction converting the Suns energy into food. Their veining systems have a critical role in this process, supplying water and mineral salts to every part of the leaf, and efficiently removing the elaborate food compounds created by photosynthesis. In addition, vascular systems provide a supporting skeleton for the leaf, so they are a proficient plumbing system and superstructure combined. These are very attractive forms, in all their great variety and subtlety. There are obvious similarities between these plant circulatory systems and the venous and nervous systems of animals but they are also strangely evocative of river drainage complexes. The common factor in all of these processes is, as ever, the transfer of energy these delicate forms should also be seen as energy pathways. The veins shown here are from Ficus carica below, Liriodendron tulipifera opposite top and Quiina acutangula opposite below.
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