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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

42 43 trIgons triangular formations Triangles are rare in nature, but the surfaces of diamonds, when microscopically examined, reveal a system of contours in which regular triangles are the most prominent motif opposite. Diamonds, of course, are the very symbol of crystalline perfection, and crystals in general are by far the most symmetrical objects in nature, with millions upon millions of identical atoms held in fixed positions within a predetermined lattice structure. It is the case, however, that even the most flawless of these arrays is teeming with minute defects, arising from the dislocation of atoms and these are the ultimate source of the diamonds triangular formations. In this aspect of nature, as in every other, energetic forces engage with formative principles to create a distinctive li. The marvellous coneshells of tropical seas, like the Conus marmoreus and Conus textile below, are another rich source of triangular li.
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