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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

40 41 rIPPles dunes wind and current patterns in sand Sand is itself inert, but wherever it is found it bears the imprint of the forces that have been working upon it. These forms, including the engaging variety of ripples on the shore and the endless, impressive dunes of the desert, appear to have an existence of their own, governed by laws of their own. Although the material of which they are composed is being constantly reworked, these sand li themselves are relatively constant. Whether they are aeolian windformed or, in the case of shore patterns, created by the compound effects of currents, wind and tide, their character is strongly influenced by particular local conditions. As a result they exist in infinite variety, and perfectly demon strate the principle that simple causes can produce irreducibly complex effects. The abiding characteristic of these formations, common to many li, is the sense of an overall order, showing clear repetitive features, but lacking a strict periodicity.
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