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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

38 39 rIvAs river drainage systems Rivers and their networks of tributaries present one of the most familiar of all li images, forms that have obvious affinities with many other liquidchannelling complexes particularly those of the essential circulatory systems of animals and plants. It is clear that these are representations not of mere conduits, but portray the most active part of the earths hydrological cycle, and as such are important energy distribution patterns. With the formation of the river systems there is a certain paradox of priority rivers shape the landscape, and the landscape contains the river. But, like the egg and the chicken riddle, it is unclear which came first. There is, in fact, a distinct sense of the inevitability of such forms, a view, which if carried through, credits them with the almost Platonic noumenon of preexistence. In more conventional terms, drainagepatterns are classified into various ideal systems dendritic, trellis, pinnate, parallel, radial and rectangular opposite below. The upper picture opposite shows pinnate drainage patterns in Sumatra. On this page we see a complex anastomosing channel system in Bangladesh.
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