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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

36 37 retIform netlike formations Latticelike divisions, reticulations, are a feature of many li, and there is an obvious correspondence between these examples, which are all drawn from the insect world, and a wide range of other natural forms. The insectwing below, with its cells arranged in an elegant, dynamic tension, has clear similarities with the soapfilm patterns of the previous page and shares with them the same economic principles of optimal form. With the katydid Paraphidia, opposite top we encounter the fascinating and complicated subject of li as camouflage. As often the case, the aim of this disguise is both specific and general the concealing pattern resembles that of a decaying leaf, but may also help the creature to blend in with its background in a more general way see appendices, pages 5258. The lower image opposite is not, as may be assumed at first glance, the web of a some macramminded spider, but part of the wingcasing of another variety of grasshopper Taeniopoda maxima.
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