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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

34 35 PolygonAl geometric quasiregularity The diagram below is an outline of a section of the basalt columns at The Devils Postpile, California. This amazing formation, like others of its kind, was formed as laval basalt cooled and crystallised, creating a 3connected joint network. In an ideal, perfectly homogenous, material this would produce a pattern of regular hexagonal columns. However, the realisation of a geometric ideal is rare here, as it is elsewhere in nature A similar, but rather less regular, pattern occurs in a film of soapbubbles between glass plates opposite lower left, and in arrangements of tissueforming parenchymatous plant cells opposite lower right. A section of the stalk of a deadnettle opposite top reveals a curiously irregular cell structure that appears to vacillate between the various possible systems of orderly closepacking. In fact, the appearance of such disturbances is the distinguishing mark of li perfectly ordered arrays belong to the domain of pure symmetry.
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