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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

30 31 nuBIlous cloud and cloudlike formations Clouds, with their amorphous boundaries and turbulent structures, are justifiably considered to be at the very edge of possessing a definable form. There is, nevertheless, an internationally agreed system of identification that places clouds into various families, genera and species the controversial history of which makes an interesting study in itself. A familiar cloud form is shown below, altocumulus, or mackerel sky. Nebulous though they may be, clouds clearly show the imprint of the forces working upon them they express distinctive li. These cloud li, whether billowing, laminal or fractured, naturally have their resonances in other mediums those opposite are from the vegetable and mineral kingdoms, the xylem of salix nigra, black willow top, folded Lewisian gneiss middle, and metal impurities in jaspar bottom.
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