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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

22 23 fIlIces fernlike formations For those who live in cold northerly latitudes the delicate frosty traceries that occasionally decorate their icy windowpanes can be one of the more surprising consolations of a hard winter see below. It can also be surprising when we first realise that the luxuriant outgrowths occasionally found in rocks, such as those opposite, are not fossils of some ancient plant, indeed, are not of organic origin at all. The prosaic explanation for these and other similar formations is that they are crystalline their elongated dendritic crystal forms grow for a distance before forming fresh nuclei and new outgrowths. There is often an almost magical quality to these figures they can appear to be positively imbued with life and purposefulness. They exemplify the notion that li derive from a natural and inescapable law of affairs and things that arise directly out of the nature of the universe Chhen Shun, c. 1200 C.E..
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