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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

18 19 contornAre physiographical configurations This category of li includes all manner of topographical boundaries and contours. They are obviously among the largest of all formations, but they indicate the general scalelessness of li like no other. Many of the contours below and textures in the images of land masses from space seem so reminiscent of those on our own level of existence that it can be difficult to grasp the great differences of scale involved. Some formations can indeed look positively organic, evoking the forms of plants or the markings of animals. Where there are features with welldelineated bounderies, as in these images of coastlines opposite top and snowlines opposite bottom, the topography is more strongly revealed, clearly exposing the imprint of the active, formation processes involved. This indicates another aspect of li their essentially uncovenanted nature they are neutral. Like the forces that create landscapes thay are intimately involved in the processes of creation and destruction, but are neither innately creative nor destructive in themselves, they just are.
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