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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

10 11 BrAnchA branching patterns Branching systems provide an elegant solution where there is a need to access every part of a given area in the most efficient and economical way. That is why these patterns are so widespread in nature, and are quite essential to the working of complex organisms, where the dynamics of efficient distribution involving energy in one form or another is at a premium. The almost universal characteristic of these forms, whether they are conveying water, oxygen, nutrients or just electrical impulses, is that they consist of a system of finer and finer ramifications, which is another expression of their efficiency. Branching systems may gather inwardly like the rivers that they so frequently resemble, or they can distribute outwardly, and they may even support an energy flow in both directions as is the case in the branching systems of lightning strikes. Opposite we see a Purkinye cell, a single brain neuron, and below are two nautical brancha, Irish moss seaweed and seafir.
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