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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

6 7 AnfrActuous winding and turning forms The irregular, streaming forms of the kind opposite derive from a number of different and quite unrelated phenomena. The upper example is in fact an equilibrium pattern resulting from the Kerr magnetooptic effect in a thin section of barium ferrite that below is from a section of brain. There are obvious points of similarity between these and the familiar whorls of fingerprints and the banding patterns in animal markings. In a similar way the suture lines of a fossilised ammonite shellfish below can also be envisaged as an aerial view of the winding meanders of a great river. In common with many li, the processes by which these forms come into being can sometimes be traced back to structures associated with their underlying causation, and sometimes not the reasons for this are still mysterious. It is also the case that they may appear at every level of scale, from the micro to the macroscopic, a fact that provides additional testimony to their essentially archetypal nature.
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