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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

4 5 AggregAtIon the collocation of elements According to the early Greek philosopher Empedocles all the change and movement in the universe, including all the processes of creation and destruction, stem ultimately from two great principles of attraction and repulsion. Clearly, form of any kind depends on the holdingtogether of its component parts, just as its ultimate dissolusion is a result of a fallingapart. The li opposite, characteristic of the tenuous, temporary alliances seen on the surface of a liquid medium as particulate clustering opposite top or suds opposite bottom, have only the minimal requirement for a recognisable structure. And yet form is apparent here, to an extent that is not discernable in, say, the swirls of an entirely liquid medium. Structural formality becomes even more apparent when an aggregation forms around a nucleic centre, particularly where, as in the examples of a soot cluster below left and a bacterial growth pattern below right, an elementary branching formation appears.
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