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Li - Dynamic Form in Nature

4 Contents Introduction 1 Aggregation 4 Anfractuous 6 Angulated 8 Brancha 10 Brechia 12 Cellular 14 Concentra 16 Contornare 18 Crackle 20 Filices 22 Fracture 24 Labyrinthine 26 Licheniform 28 Nubilous 30 Phyllotaxy 32 Polygonal 34 Retiform 36 Rivas 38 Ripples Dunes 40 Trigons 42 Variegatus 44 Vasculum 46 Vermiculate 48 Viscous Maculae 50 Addenda Li in animal markings 5258 Any reader wanting to further investigate the mathematical aspects of dynamic forms in nature could do no better than to consult The Selfmade Tapestry by Phillip Ball, Oxford University Press, 1999. The frontispiece image shows a skeletonised hollyleaf. The picture on the title page is of paralleled geological folding. On this page we see the firtree domain pattern on the surface of a crystal, and the meandering jointing of the plates in a skull. For Becky, Zeke, and Jesse.
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