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58 Stanton Drew, Somerset OSLR 172. Alignment 1 Centre of the southwestern circle centre of the Great Circle Hautvilles Quoit midsummer sunrise point 2000 BC. Alignment 2 Centre of the northeastern circle centre of the Great Circle The Cove Neolithic portal dolmen midwinter sunset point on the horizon 2000BC. Sutton Walls Ley, Herefordshire OSLR 149. Wellington church Marden church Sutton Walls Iron Age hill fort through sighting notch in ramparts churchyard cross at Sutton St. Nicholas church Western Beggard church. Funeral Path at Wick, Worcestershire OSLR 150. The old road west out of the village as existing public footpaths crossing over River Avon field path pointing directly at Pershore Abbey a stile and hollow way the line of Church Street formerly Lyce or corpse Street Pershore Abbey. Uffington Ley, OxfordshireBerkshire OSLR 174. St. Marys, Uffington Dragon Hill a natural conical hill and site of dragon killing legend Bronze Age barrow Uffington Castle Iron Age hill fort above the White Horse tumulus at Parkfarm Down linear earthwork at Near Down linear earthwork at Farncombe Down tumulus east of Preston. Winchester Ley, Hampshire OSLR 185. Tidbury Ring Iron Age hill fort remains of a Neolithic long barrow, South Wonston St. Batholemews church, Winchester Hyde Gate at the site of Hyde Abbey, burial place of Alfred the Great Winchester Cathedral St. Catherines Hill Iron Age hill fort and site of turf labyrinth called the Mizmaze. Yazor Ley, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire OSLR 149. A mark stone on the highway at Yazor church, Herefordshire the ruined tower of Yazor Old Church a mark stone in a clump of trees at Mansel Gamage Monnington Court a mark stone on the highway at Wilmarston a hill fort near Whitehouse Farm a churchyard cross at CapelyFfin, Monmouthshire a bridle pass over TarenyrEsgob mountain peak of PenyGader, Black Mountains. Hereford Church Ley OSLR 149. Aligned section of Portland Street All Saints church Site of St. Owens church St. Owen Street St. Giles chapel Eign Road The Crozen house on a mound site of Saxon burial ground. Ley Line Cross, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire OS Outdoor Leisure Map 14. Ley 1 Sedbury Stone on Offas Tump Coomsbury Wood high point Coldharbour Piece, St. Briavels circular field with radial field boundaries clump of Scots Pines at Cauldwell Farm, Stowe Staunton Longstone Longstone, Symonds Yat natural feature Queen Stone, Huntsham peninsula in the River Wye. Ley 2 Butt Acre, Monmouth town centre, possible stone or temple site Kymin, near Monmouth high point, earthworks Buckstone, Staunton logan or rocking stone Staunton Longstone Berry Hill crossroads Cannop crossroads Hungry Croft, Ruddle Barrow Hill, Arlingham on the peninsula in the River Severn horseshoe bend.
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