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52 53 This is an alignment of contemporary megalithic monuments that is acknowledged by Belgian archaeologists as deliberate and planned. Two miles outside the town of Ereze at Bohaimont at Oppagne stands a group of three menhirs, which were reerected in 1906. The tallest stone is 8ft tall. The line is at right angles to the alignment, which leads northwards to a halfburied allecouverte or passage grave near Wnin. The next site on the line is a 12ft tall menhir built into a wall at the side of the road. This stone had been toppled and buried but was restored in 1947. Over half a mile further on the line passes over the Dolmen de Wris, a major dolmen over 36ft long with a huge capstone. Both dolmens are orientated upon the alignment. Further along the line to the north are the remains of fallen menhirs, broken up at the end of the 19th century. These may have formed another line like the Oppagne group marking the end of the alignment. Opposite Megaliths on the Wris alignment. Above The ruined dolmen at Wris. Below Three menhirs at Oppagne. Etchings by John Palmer. a bElgiaN aligNmENT Wris, Belgium
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