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42 43 Three enormous Neolithic chambered mounds, Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, dominate the Boyne valley in Co Meath, Ireland. Newgrange contains a passage and central chamber which is illuminated by the midwinter rising sun, Knowth has two passages aligned directly east and west and Dowth has two passages, one of which is aligned directly on Newgrange. The Dowth alignment is augmented by two of the standing stones in the circle surrounding the Newgrange mound, which lie exactly on the alignment. In a similar fashion, two more of the stones in the circle fall on a line drawn through an outlying burial mound, Newgrange and Knowth. Both leys cross at a stone in the central chamber of Newgrange that archaeologists have designated R21, and from this stone lines run to each of the surrounding stones in the circle pointing to astronomical and topographical features. R21 also aligns with the engraved kerb stone at the entrance to Newgrange and a kerb stone at the rear. Both are marked with straight vertical grooves which align with the passage and the midwinter sunrise. Opposite Alignments through Newgrange. 1.Winter solstice sunrise. 2.Winter solstice sunset. 3.Summer solstice sunrise. 7.Northsouth meridian. 8.To Knowth. 9.To Dowth. bOyNE vallEy lEyS County Meath, Ireland
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