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34 35 Perhaps the most famous of all ancient astronomical alignments is the summer solstice alignment at Stonehenge, Wiltshire. On the longest day of the year, when viewed from the centre of the monument, the sun can be seen rising over the outlying Heel Stone between the massive uprights that form the central ring. The earth banked Avenue that leads away from Stonehenge is aligned in the same direction for several hundred yards. The antiquary William Stukeley first noted this strange pheno menon in 1740 when he wrote that the axis of Stonehenge and the Avenue is directed to the northeast whereabouts the sun rises when the days are longest. Alfred Watkins noted in The Old Straight Track that the alignment also passes through two Bronze Age barrows to the southwest of Stonehenge. Stukeley noted another barrow once visible on the skyline on Haradon Hill and lining up with the Avenue marking the point on the horizon where the summer solstice sun would rise. Opposite Above Alignments around Stonehenge after Alfred Watkins. Below The Avenue pointing away from Stonehenge to a barrow on the distant Haradon Hill that marks the summer solstice sunrise. a SuNriSE liNE Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England
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