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26 27 The following pages describe and list alignments of the types discussed in this book. Included are some of Alfred Watkins own discovered leys, some of a similar nature that have been found by modern ley hunters inspired by Watkins vision, astronomical alignments, acknowledged prehistoric alignments of sites and stones, sacred pathways, funeral routes, death roads and spirit paths. All of the alignments given here have at one time or another come under the heading of ley lines. From these lists it is clear that there is no one single type of landscape line that can definitively be called a ley, but these examples demonstrate mankinds continual obsession with the straight line or path in the landscape. I have selected examples that take in some of the more famous prehistoric sites in Britain and others for those who enjoy combining their interest in megalithic sites with walking in the country. In addition I have included examples from Ireland, France, Belgium and Holland, which I hope will show that ley hunting is not confined to Britain. Opposite What is a ley line Strange energies between sacred sites, lines to the Sun and the Moon, or the paths of disembodied spirits Ulrich Magin. whaT iS a lEy liNE an introduction to examples which follow
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