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24 25 An explanation for some leys might be the spirit path, as ghostly linear journeys are common in folklore. Examples include the wandering ghostly monk who makes regular journeys between a church and a haunted house, phantom coaches that speed along sections of old road at night, or spectral funeral processions taking the same route to a churchyard year after year. Sometimes these spirit paths have a physical counterpart, by way of an old paved track, or can be successfully plotted on the map to show their straightness. In many parts of Britain ghostly Black Dogs haunt stretches of old highways. Before the war Theo Brown plotted the sightings of Black Dogs in Devon and Cornwall on the map and found that straight lines could be drawn through many of them. Theories about ley lines are as numerous as the leys themselves, but if one studies the evidence closely for archaic linear features across the world it is clear that there is a definite link between straightness, death and burial and spirit travel. It is in this direction that modern ley hunting is now heading. Opposite Above A spectral Black Dog that takes the straight path from a pamphlet, 1577. Below A classic encounter with a phantom coach. Note the absence of the horses heads. SupErNaTural highwayS linear hauntings and apparitions 25
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