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22 23 As we have seen, the belief in straight spirit travel is prevalent across the world. German death roads may not have been straight, but Geisterwege or ghost roads most certainly are. German folklore records that ghost roads always run straight over mountains and valleys and through marshes and start and end at cemeteries. Elsewhere in Germany tradition recalls other straight spirit paths such as the Leichenflugbahn or Flightpath of the Corpses in East Prussia, where on certain nights the dead from the cemeteries situated at each end of the line travel to visit one other. Houses built on the line regularly suffer damage on the nights when the spirits fly. Halfway across the world in Columbia the Kogi Indians, descendants of the extinct Tairona culture, tend the ruins of great cities in the jungle reaches of Santa Marta. Straight stone causeways link the cities as do other invisible spirit roads. The Kogi shamans when in trance regularly travel along these invisible routes. Their courses are preserved in the linear markings on a standing stone in one of their villages. Opposite Above The paths of Chuckchee shamen during flyagaric hallucinations from Wasson 1971. Below A Chuckchee map of the journey of a human soul to the spirit world. SpiriT paThS ghOST rOadS the universal concept of straight spirit flight 23
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