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16 17 Invisible straight lines can also be found in other parts of the world. The Chinese science of geomancy, known as feng shui, was originally developed for determining the best location for a tomb. Feng shui tradition believes that harmony in landscape and life can be achieved through the manipulation of natural forces that course through veins in the earth. These forces, in certain circumstances, manifest themselves as lung mei, or dragon lines, which run in straight lines. Lung mei are also spirit paths, as the Chinese believed that spirits preferred to travel by the straightest route. Thus it was considered unlucky to build a house at the end of a straight road or path. In a similar tradition the fairies or little people of Irish folklore had their favoured routes which ran straight between fairy forts, or raths, circular earthworks of known antiquity. These fairy roads are known as passes and are sometimes, but not always, marked by physical roads. It was considered unlucky and even dangerous to build on or to block a fairy pass. Calamity would befall anyone who did so. Opposite The Forbidden City, centre of old Peking, lies on a dragon line that passes through the city gate, the Emperors palace and a sacred mound. dragON liNES fairy paSSES enhancing good luck from China to Ireland
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