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14 15 Evidence for invisible sacred pathways can be found in the religious beliefs of aboriginal peoples across the world. In Australia the beliefs and knowledge of the aborigines can be found in the traditional stories of the Dreaming. This was a mythical period in aborigine history set at the dawn of time when mythological creators or gods emerged from the featureless earth and began to wander aimlessly across it. Every place where they camped, made fires, dug for water or performed ceremonies they marked with a natural feature, such as a rock, hill or watercourse. Those wanderings across country are preserved in the songs and stories of present day aborigine tribes. Each tribe has possession of one part of the whole creation myth and the finishing place of a line of songs is where the myths and songs change hands to another tribe and thus form a mythical tribal boundary. The invisible lines linking the various songs and stories are the lines of communication between the tribes which when drawn together represent a mythical map of Australia. Opposite The lines linking aborigine stories form the outline of the Australian continent after David Mowaljartai. Below is the Rainbow Snake whose epic journey across country is recorded in aborigine myth. drEam rOadS aboriginal songlines 15
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