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12 13 rOad, mOuNd aNd mEridiaN alignments of the ancient Americans Elsewhere in the Americas fragments of ancient straight road systems can still be traced. Whether all these various straight roads or lines have a common purpose is not clear, but a unifying factor is that they invariably link holy or sacred places. In Yucatan, in Mexico, the Maya constructed dead straight ceremonial roads through the jungle called sacbeob. In New Mexico infrared satellite photography has revealed a system of dead straight roads centred on Chaco Canyon, the site of many ancient ruined ceremonial and religious buildings known as kivas. The road system is a mystery as the Anasazi people who built them had neither the wheel nor the horse. Rather than linking communities the roads connect specific places in the landscape which suggests a symbolic purpose. Recently an American archaeologist has identified an alignment of ancient Anasazi cities along a north south meridian over several hundred miles long, part of which is marked by the Chacoan Great North Road. Prehistoric linear earthworks in Wisconsin main picture have astronomical orientations and in Mississippi ancient Indian circular and effigy mounds were laid out in linear ranges side pictures.
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