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4 CONTENTS Thanks to Ulrich Magin p.24, Paul Bennet p.33, Adam Dutton p.41 and John Palmer p.53 for permission to use their illustrations. Indirect thanks to Alfred Watkins, William Dudley, Hayward Sumner, Tom Solberg, David Mowajartai, Brian Larkman, William Stukeley and Una Woodruff. The examples of leys in this book come from my larger volume Ley Lines a comprehensive guide to alignments, published by Piatkus, where the phenomenon of ancient landscape lines is explored in more depth. Other useful sources of information are The Old Straight Track by Alfred Watkins, The New View Over Atlantis by John Michell, and Lines on the Landscape by Nigel Pennick and Paul Devereux The mystery of ley lines 2 The first ley hunters 4 Astronomical alignments 6 The Holy lines of Germany 8 Pathways to the Gods 10 Road, mound and meridian 12 Dream roads 14 Dragon lines and fairy passes 16 Medieval alignments 18 The journey of the Soul 20 Spirit paths and ghost roads 22 Supernatural highways 24 What is a ley line 26 A Holy hill alignment 28 Church leys in Oxford 30 A Scottish royal ley 32 A sunrise line 34 Orcadian leys 36 The Kennet avenue 38 Pathway to the Sun 40 Boyne valley leys 42 York Minster leys 44 The fairy steps 46 The menhirs of Carnac 48 The Stonehenge cursus ley 50 A Belgian alignment 52 Three Dutch death roads 54 Appendix of notable leys 56
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