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Irish Round Towers

38 northern european round toWers and Charlemagnes church builders Round bell towers were therefore being built in Europe about a hundred years before the first Irish clog teach, and continued to be popular long afterwards in other peripheral areas such as Denmark, north Germany and Poland. In East Anglia the round belfry attached to the west end of a simple rectangular church as had happened at St. Johannisberg was particularly popular, possibly because its last king, St. Edmund, had close connections with Charlemagnes court and brought over a large German retinue, including, perhaps, some church builders. There are 220 East Anglian churches with round belfries standing today. This idea spread northwards too, as far as the Orkneys. Nor should we forget Charlemagnes cathedral of St. Riquier. Its round corner towers inspired the standard embellishment of the larger Romanesque churches which Margaret Stokes had noted. There is hardly a Romanesque cathedral north of the Alps which does not have round towers at its corners. 39 St Maurice, Epinal St Genevieve Genrode, Hartz Deerness Magnus
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