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Irish Round Towers

29 28 speculatIons and absurdities Irish antiquarians often plunged into some very peculiar round tower speculations. Here are some examples The towers were for ancient Irish anchorites, but, unlike St Simon Stylites in Syria these Irish hermits needed roofs, because of the constant rain. Danes built the towers they had built all Englands prehistoric monuments too and all that was sophisticated of early Irish culture, from interlace to filigree this avoided attributing any ingenuity to the native Irish. The towers were phalluses. Two nineteenth century young men, William OBrien and Marcus Keane, got very excited. The towers had to be lingams, remnants of an enormous HindiIrish civilization, the Cuthite Empire, which had covered all Eurasia and America at the time of Nebuchadnessar. There are therefore Cuthite round towers in India, Ireland, ancient Mexico and Peru opposite. Similarly exotic speculations continue were the towers monkish lookouts against approaching Vikings Or semaphore stations, communicating from one end of Ireland to the other Or the central spikes of sundials Or the amplifiers of enormous bells Or huge energisers of the EarthGrid East India Peru Central America East India Persia
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