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Irish Round Towers

24 ancIent destructIon and persistent pillaging Some towers vanished so long ago that we only know of them through references in ancient annals AD 950 The clog teach of Slane was burned by the foreigners the Vikings of Dublin, with its full of relics and distinguished persons, together with Caeineachair, Lector of Slane, and the crosier of the patron saint, and a bell, the best of bells. Annals of the Four Masters 1121 A great windstorm happened in December of this year, which knocked the conical cap off the clog teach of Armagh and caused great destruction of woods throughout Ireland. Annals of the Four Masters 1126 A great hosting by Connor MacFergall OLoughlinn, together with the people of the North of Ireland, went to Meath. They burnt Trim, both clog teach and church, and these full of people. Annals of Ulster Armaghs tower of 1121 was the second one built there. It finally vanished in the Cromwellian period. Lightning had destroyed the first one in the 990s. 25 Rathmichael Drumcliffe Killashee Mungret Ardmore Aghavuller
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