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Irish Round Towers

10 geoMetry an octave in the round The approximate height of twentysix towers is known. Three are exceptionally short, and one unusually tall, but the rest average out at nearly 100 Roman feet, while all the base circumferences average approximately 51 Roman feet. Seemingly the builders wanted perfectly proportioned towers, 100 feet high and 50 feet round. The four top windows are usually oriented towards the cardinal points of the compass, and the towers also taper, by varying amounts. At Ratoo the diameter shrinks by a quarter, most are considerably less, and at some the taper is minimal. The towers were divided into several wooden floors, resting either on corbels or ledges. and lit by small windows. Access was presumably by ladders or steep steps through openings in the floors. Another surprise their elegant stone and mortar conical caps were not part of the original concept, for the annals describe several towers losing their roofs in storms. These were probably slate and wood constructions, but after a few disasters the builders devised the solid vaulted caps we now see. 11
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