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Human Body

cHInEsE systEm Yin Organ zang in charge of Muscle meridians Yang Organ fu in charge of Muscle meridians Tissue reflects in Orifice, sense Body fluid Taste, odour Voice, emotion Aspects of Shen Stage Season Injurious climate Direction Colour, time Animals Planet Food Yinyang Mode, note WOOD liver strategy, plans leg jue yin gall bladder decisions leg shao yang tendons, sinews nails eyes, sight tears sour, rancid shouting, anger hun, soul life germination spring windy east green, dawn dragon, sheep jupiter wheat, lemons lesser yang jiao, e FIRE heart pericardium pulse protection arm shao jue yin sm. intest trip heat digestion regulation arm tai shao yang blood vessels face, complexion tongue, speech sweat bitter, scorched laughing, elation shen, awareness growth summer hot south red, midday phoenix, fowl mars . pepper, alfalfa, greens utmost yang zhi, g EARTH spleen processing leg tai yin stomach fermentation leg yang ming flesh, muscles lips mouth, taste drool sweet, aromatic singing, worry yi, memory intellect transformation late summer damp, humid center, middle yellow, afternoon pangu, snake, ox saturn millet, potato, fruit center gong, c METAL lung qi of heaven arm tai yin large intestine elimination arm yang ming skin, pores body hair nose, smell mucus pungent, rotten crying, sadness po, instinct harvest autumn dry west white, dusk tiger, dog venus . rice, ginger, air lesser yin shang, d WATER kidney water control leg shao yin bladder storing liquids leg tai yang bones, marrow head hair, teeth ears, hearing spittle salty, putrid groaning, fear zhi, will power storage winter cold north black, midnight tortoise, pig mercury . beans, seafoods utmost yin yu, a 58
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