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Human Body

51 50 WHErE ArE WE goIng what is it for The Earth has been revolving around our Sun for five billion years or so, and for most of that time life has been coevolving and refining itself to produce beautiful and complex lifeforms like the human body, which has appeared in the most recent twinkling of the cosmic eye. The entelechy with which evolution realises new possibilities resembles less a series of lucky breaks than a system that has the idea first, then works out a way to make it happen. The biggest recent changes in human form are jaw shape and tooth alignment which have altered in the last few thousand years to cope with cooked food. Other subtler progress may be taking place under our noses, but our bodily structure has been very stable since the image opposite was painted on a cave wall in Spain 8,000 years ago, and for a good 100,000 years or more before that. Unlike all other organisms, as far as we know, we are in the odd position of having minutely analysed our inner workings, and we can influence ourselves in novel ways. Biotechnology is now racing ahead of any natural longer term refinements in our bodies. Many agree that oldstyle evolution is probably over for humans, and that any major future changes are likely to be selfinflicted. But if mortality isnt a failing even the stars in the sky die in time then perhaps the human body is already a perfected form. Meanwhile, your body is hectically sending signals around itself, generating electrochemical and mechanical patterns, in order to enable you to do things like read this book. Perhaps this continual inner messaging hints at what its really for, what humans are uniquely good at, which is communication.
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