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Human Body

48 nIgHt And dAy which need each other The reason you feel as if youre falling apart after youve been up all night is because you are. The hormones that get you going in the morning, like the catabolic king, cortisol, make your body breakdown and use up its resources, to go hunting and nesting. Maintenance and repair work, and immunication, are suppressed all day long, so by bedtime, your body is literally disintegrating. Growth hormone, the anabolic queen, rules by night, when your body reunifies the chaos left by the day. For this to happen, communication pathways that are closed by day open up, and like the intense repair of inflammation, the bodys nightly healing is painful. You can feel where its going to be busiest as youre dropping off, and, but for sleep, the night would hurt. Left unfettered, body processes are bursting to go, and have to be firmly regulated if order is to prevail. Patterns of sensation particularly emerge through most nerves being damped. The day hormones effects on sensory nerves are inhibitory, because all that sensation, while youre actually awake, would hurt too much. The brainstem gets final shortterm say over whether youre asleep, but longer term patterns of sleep and wake are under the control of the pineal, the original lightsensitive organ. This has evolved inwards, but still receives light, via several neural routes, from the eyes. The neuroendocrine clock in the brain has an innate 25 hour rhythm, but is reset every day to Earth time by the rising sun, via the pineal. So this gland, which oversees major life changes, is itself ruled by our motion in the solar system.
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