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Human Body

38 tHE brAIn nobodys cracked the walnut Intelligence had to find a structure on which to discriminate itself, and it went for the brain. Homos uniquely hefty walnut only dolphins come close localises its subroutines so much that you even have a special area to hold images of your loved ones, while keeping their names and maps of where they are in other zones. Given the countless electrical processes going on while you have one train of thought it is astonishing that we are capable of unified consciousness. Awareness seems to flicker on a 3mm thin grey outer layer of cortex, which is all neurosomes, while the bulky white matter is all connexions. The musical right hemisphere and logical left converge on the midbrain, where conscious thought merges with subconscious control and integration processes, while your deepest feelings, instincts, and memories swirl around the limbic system. Most nerves swap sides through the brainstem, so the left brain corresponds to the right body, and viceversa. As its control centre, the brain holds holographic maps of all the bodys patterns, in diffuse and local forms see example opposite, in the same way as your mind holds inner maps of your outer world. The relationship between the brain and the body could be said to be similar to that between the human mind and the outer world, in that they both contain a clear idea of the whole in one. Brainwaves vary with mental phases. Alpha and beta waves hum during daily life spacedout delta waves visit the young and the sleeping. Fairytale theta waves imprint childhood experiences, and only resurface in daydreaming and very emotional adults. Above left some local cortical functions. Above right the corpus callosum is a bundle of connexions between the sides. The limbic system comprises perimidbrain structures, like the hippocampus, and decides how significant or memorable you find things. 39
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