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Human Body

27 26 In and out endlessly like the tides, the air you breathe refreshes the blood with oxygen to take to mitochondria, while removing the CO2 they synthesise. Blood gas levels are monitored by the brainstem, which adjusts the rhythm and depth of inspiration. Bronchi branch about 25 times, ending in bundles of elastic sacs named alveoli below left, with a surface area, like villi, of about 80m2, over which air exchanges gases with haemoglobin inside red blood cells, flowing at twice the usual speed, in the lung capillaries. Kidneys glomeruli below right have basal structures also found in alveoli. While the lungs expand to deal with gas balance, the kidneys head inwards to regulate fluids. Kidneys take as much blood as the brain, and send signals which regulate blood pressure and make you thirsty. They filter the blood, then reabsorb 99 of the filtrate, to fine tune your overall fluid composition. Of the lungs blood supply, a Syrian Qanun c.1250 says When the blood has become thin, it is passed into the artery to the lung, to mix with the air. The fine parts of the lung then sieve into its vein, which arrives at the left of the two cavities of the heart. AIr And WAtEr balance in lungs and kidneys
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