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Human Body

22 Four Plus onE is phive Variations in human shape are started off in utero, and the three very basic shapes can be traced to the relative dominance of one of the three embryonic germcell layers, and their tissue destinies ecto wiry, endo rounded and mesomorphs muscular p.18. The first thing a baby recognises visually is the human face, and then its stunning variability. Within the obvious sameness of the human form are some less evident constants. Phi, f, the golden section, which rules organic growth and pentagrams, defines the change of your centre during growth. A babys midpoint is his or her belly button the past, with the genitals a golden section away from the crown, but by adult life, the genitals the future are central, with the belly button f from the feet. The relative lengths of the bones in your arm and hand display a golden series, and f also crops up in the geometry of DNA opposite. Humans, like DNA, show fourplusone patterns, as four limbs and a head protrude from the torso, and hands sprout four fingers and a thumb. Like fingers and toes, children have five teeth in each quadrant of their mouths eight more per quadrant develop and emerge later. The total amount of teeth you chew your way through in one life is thus 2032, a full deck of 52. 23
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