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Human Body

Contents Introduction 1 Round Windows 2 Asian Fusion 4 Elements and Humors 6 PreConception 8 And DNA 10 The Earliest Survivor 12 The Cell 14 Tissues 16 Embryology 18 The Dissectors Dream 20 Four Plus One 22 Earth and Fire 24 Air and Water 26 The Heart 28 Veins and Arteries 30 Lymph Patrol 32 Immunology 34 Nerves 36 The Brain 38 Five Senses 40 Muscle and Bone 42 Endocrinology 44 Homeostasis 46 Night and Day 48 Where Are We Going 50 GlossaryIndex 52 Fluids and Nutrition 54 Neurotransmitters and Hormones 56 Three, Four and Fivefold Systems 57 Id like to thank My Parents, Jeanne Jeffares, Justin Avery, John Martineau, Tony Prescott, Adrian Finter, Guy Lederman, Katie Kirkwood, Dom Swords, Tom Betts and Susy Tucker, for their excellence, vision, and humor. A mitochondrion magnified x 30,000, a descendant of ancient bacteria. Up to several thousand live in each cell in mitochondriarich tissues like muscle and liver. The oxygen from the air you breathe goes to these powergrubs, who make your energy, the carbon dioxide you breathe out, and new water. They keep their genes in a circle of DNA, passed down only in the maternal and grandmaternal line, and so on, back to the first human mothers, and beyond. To Ruby, Eva, Hana B, Katie, Jessie, and Jack Many thanks for their illustrations to Cecily Kate Borthwick 13, 15, 29 41, Caroline Ede below, 3, 17 45, David Goodsell 35t, Simon Huson 9, 19, 24, 26, 33, 37 39, Miranda Lundy 5, 23, 33, 37 51 and Matt Tweed 11, 12, 21, 35b 47. Others from Albinus, Vesalius, Winkles and various Victorian engravers. Terms italicised in the main text refer to a smallprint glossary on pages 5253. To learn more about less of the human body, buy a bigger book.
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