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Holy Hills of Ireland

58 neMhedh, third settler in Ireland, he cleared twelve plains for farming and lit the first fire at Uisneach, his wife was the goddess Macha. nl, pharaoh Noahs greatgreatgrandson, father of Scota. He conveniently ties the Irish genealogies into the biblical records, and gives added significance to the name Niall. oisn, the leading figure of the Fianna epic cycle, son on Fionn mac Cumhaill. In medieval literature he became the proponent of ancient wisdom and poetry, and persuaded Patrick to allow the Fianna into heaven. PArthAln, second settler of Ireland, landed in Mayo with his wife and three sons. Their retainer Beoil instituted the first guest house, Bre cooked and Malaliach brewed. They brought in cattle, fought the Fomhire, and their line died out 520 years later in a plague. scotA fictional mother of the earliest settlers in Kerry, and buried at Sliabh Ms. Her name is the feminine of the Latin for the Irish, which derives from a word for a raider and probably originally applied to Irish groups attacking Roman Britain. sheelAnAgig, a supernatural female, protector of childbearing women folk tradition said she was St Patricks wife, with her feast day on the 18th of March tuAthA d dAnAnn, early settlers with knowledge of metal who became divine beings. The name comes from Toutates, a Continental Celtic word meaning deities of the community. Their appearance in Irish mythology probably derived from the Celtic invaders referring to old Irish sacred sites as the dwellings of the Toutates. Dunseverick, Co. Antrim, at the end of a high road from Tara.
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